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TonAsh – How It Go


How It Go is a new jam from TonAsh, a hip hop artist whose hometown is listed as Nassau, Bahamas. There are definitely some Caribbeann vibes detectable in his delivery, which help to enhance the song. TonAsh maintains a swift vocal pacing throughout without missing a beat (true to the philosophy he articulates in the song, “Stoppin’s not an option. I don’t have no brakes.”) The word “go” is the essence of what this track is about: It’s always go time for the artist, whose ready to bust a move in all facets of life at all times. His mind is always racing and on the go. TonAsh understands that nobody cares about or remembers someone who doesn’t take risks. Whether you agree or not, unlike a lot of indie rappers, TonAsh actually has a decent flow and demonstrates some solid rapping ability.

Overall, this track is pretty pimp tight, and the video imagery juxtaposes well with the lyrical content. The frequently reappearing “car” motif serving as a metaphor for TonAsh’s “Go” ethos. Be sure and check out this guy’s social media for updates on his other projects. He has a lot of other musical projects out there in the works.

For more info:

Instagram: @KingTA242
FB: @TonAsh242
Twitter: @KingTonAsh
Soundcloud @ https://soundcloud.com/tonash-1