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XYTHGRT – Hysteria


“Hysteria” is a new single from underground rap artist, XYTHGRT. Part of an Atlanta base hip hop group known as Tha Overachievers, XYTHGRT was born and raised in poverty in Memphis, TN before creating success for himself as an artist. The song Hysteria was produced by gfather, and it is a very well produced track. It’s at a level of professional quality, with excellent clarity and mixing. XYTHGRT has a natural, conversational, laid back delivery style. His relatively deep voice adds presence, drives the song and has a certain authoritative element to it. It has a very authentic, deep South vibe.


Lyrically, Hysteria deals with romantic and sexual themes. The often repeated line “She just wanna be here. She just wanna see me,” conveys a sense of hysterical, desperate attachment on the part of the female interest in the song. Though also XYTHGRT deals with his own resistance to overly indulging these temptations in order to avoid distraction. Overall, this track does a nice job with storytelling and narrative and manages to hit all the marks musically.

Download Hysteria: http://smarturl.it/XYTHGRT-Hysteria

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