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Hendrix – Release (Episode 2)


Release is the name of the second single by musical artist and former marine, Ian Hendrix. The song features Katie Shorey (a notable singer formerly signed to Interscope Records) on vocals. Produced by Robert Heibach and Ian Hendrix at Del Oro Music Studios, the song presents as a kind of fantasy electronique musical adventure. Beautifully and passionately sung yet deeply enigmatic lyrics which occasionally express despair (and take a turn for the dark) are backed by a vibrant and action packed synthpop beat. The bleak atmosphere is transcended by the emotionally moving vocals and surreal tone. This dynamic gives the track a duality, but it goes beyond that.

This musical “release” (it’s awkward getting used to the fact the title of the song is also Release) corresponds with a video series, with this track being associated with Episode 2. It makes more sense in this context, since we realize what we’re experiencing is part of something greater. This is only a portion of a long journey, with all the ups and downs that entails. Judging by the story depicted in the video, this is the “down” part of the adventure when prospects aren’t looking so hot. Still we find ourselves entertaining a sliver of hope that the young protagonist will find that “release” they’re seeking from the dire predicament they are currently caught up in. Though the video tells a story of the solitary survivor of a spacecraft crash landing on some desolate, desert planet, it’s likely that the song is not meant to be merely a scifi-fantasy soundtrack accessory. Rather it’s intended to be applicable to equivalent emotional experiences we encounter in our earthbound lives right here, as we appeal for a release from the pressures imposed on us and those we’ve place on ourselves.

Release is an excellent song, which lives up to its cinematically epic presentation. Ian Hendrix and everyone else who worked on this project should be proud. The anime-like story material in this series is actually quite engaging, and after watching the first two video episodes, I find myself anticipating Episode 3.

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