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Jay Gudda – Dead Wait


Hip hop artist Jay Gudda’s Dead Wait serves as a prime example of how a song can thrive creatively without extravagant budgets or lavish overproduction. This jam is raw, confrontational and darkly engaging. It is also pretty damn good. The video for this release is unique in that it appears to be filmed from the perspective of a dead body, a recently vanquished corpse being dragged around the room along with the brooding backing beat. It’s an effective touch, giving the listener/viewer the feeling that they’re actually there at the scene and part of something seedy that may have just went down. It transcends mere “voyeurism,” by bringing the listener directly into the action (and thus the song) from the get go. It’s not all serious biz here though, with occasional eerily comedic gems such as: “I can see the hate especially, secondly, I can see they try to steal my recipe.” Jay Gudda displays some real skills with this bad boy, both technically and creatively.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WhoIsJayGudda
Twitter: https://twitter.com/whoisjaygudda
Website: www.whoisjaygudda.com