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JMI – Bustin’ Seams


If you’re like me, you might have assumed that a song called Bustin’ Seams is a hip hop song and that JMI is a rapper. Well, you’d be wrong on both counts. Bustin’ Seams is actually the fourth single from New York City-based artist, Junk Made Ill (JMI.) Far from being hip hop, JMI’s music is actually avant garde, dark, brooding and somewhat abstract. Stylistically JMI’s sound reminds me a little bit of 90’s bands like Garbage (specifically Garbage’s song I Would Die For You comes to mind as a distant relative.)

Bustin’ Seams isn’t just music though. It’s also performance art. The video for the single is well produced and choreographed. Shot on “an undisclosed deserted island,” it features a set and costumes which wouldn’t seem out of place in films like Beastmaster or the original Clash of the Titans. Both the song and video emit a darkly subversive, yet intriguing ambiance. The viewer feels hypnotically drawn to the island, even with the realization that something bad might happen there.

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