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Katiah One – Fight The Good Fight


Fight The Good Fight is a new album from Katiah One, a hip hop artist raised on the Upper West Side of New York City. The songs have a nice old school feel to them, with that warm, analog sound, complete with subtle tape hiss and record crackle. The album opens with an instant classic, We Livin the Dream…(Nightmares.) In addition to Katiah One’s enjoyable deadpan delivery, the song features a very well placed vintage sample from British philosopher Alan Watts’ seminar on how to “still the mind.” It’s a while since I’ve heard hip hop artists incorporate these kinds of samples into their work, and I kind of miss it.

The thing I like about this album is that Katiah One doesn’t neglect the musical side. The songs are very melodic and pleasurable to listen to, and the artist doesn’t make it all about himself. It’s not some spoken word slam poetry indulgence. This album reminds me very much or early to mid 90’s “golden age” hip hop, making use of samples, electric piano and some downright symphonic atmosphere. The tracks are pretty laid back but Stop This is probably the most epic in terms of dramatic suspense. All and all this is just very impressive, and Katiah One has released the best hip hop album I’ve heard so far this year.

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