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Keido Bond – Impact


Impact is a new jam from hip hop artist, Keido Bond. The symphonic intro sets the stage for something epic, and the song delivers. Keido’s delivery style is quick paced, original and distinctly unconventional. The fact that it’s difficult to understand the lyrics of the song at times somehow adds to the appeal and gives the song an aura of mystique. There’s potential for an enduring lore. The production on both the music and the video is incredible. Did this guy have a million dollar budget? One thing’s for sure though. Keido Bond “wants to make a positive impact,” and this song certainly achieves that.


Keido’s performance is solid, but just as importantly he establishes his own unique style and constructs a recognizable persona. He comes across as charismatic but not full of himself, just an exciting and likable artiste. Impact displays a lot of versatility, with Keido’s vocals impressively shapeshifting, leaving you wondering whether you’re in a room full of rapping ventriloquists. In addition to being a competent musical endeavor, this song is brimming with personality. People will remember this guy.