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Martin Brothers – Dynamite


Dynamite is a new single from the Martin Brothers, a DJ and producer duo. Their aesthetic is a kind of 80s LA night club influenced, dreamy dance pop. True to the title, the song Dynamite makes recurring use of the “explosive” motif, with lyrics like You make my heart go boom boom boom. We could blow up the moon moon moon. You get the idea. The track has a sparkling, synthed out retro backing, while the female pop vocalist delivers the catchy lines. This song really is catchy, too. I only listened to it a couple of times, and it got stuck in my head. Dynamite has all the ingredients of a potential pop hit: distinct lyrical theme, awesome beat, and charismatic female vocals. The could be described as a cross between Katy Perry’s Firework and The Beepers’ Video Fever. The Martin Brothers brothers already have a number of other releases under their belt and seem to be on the right track artistically towards reaching the next level.

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