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“Mod Commodities,” the Mid-Century Modern Inspired NFT Collection on Proton

Just last month, Phoenix-based artist Brandon Adamson released a mid-century modern inspired NFT series on the Proton blockchain. The initial 12 pieces sold within the first 24 hours. Titled “Mod Commodities,” these NFT works are being made in the same style as the abstract, retro-futurist and modernist paintings the artist has been painting for 20 years.

On a recent episode of The Stark Truth podcast, Brandon explained that due to his minimalist living situation, he decided to create the series because he no longer had room to store large physical paintings. He also found the cumbersome shipping process involved in selling large abstract paintings online to be impractical.

As of this current writing, there are 28 NFTs in the collection, and 13 have sold. According to Brandon, “Most NFTs that people are making right now are pixelated characters or cartoon animals, which is fine. I love pixel art, but I wanted to put together a collection that was something distinctive and which was in line with my own artistic style. I didn’t want to just opportunistically mimic whichever style was currently selling big. Also a lot of people buy NFTs specifically designed to be profile pics. I’ve had a buyer who told me that Mod Commodities NFTs would be ideal to be used as banners or header images for profiles. Indeed they are, He purchased one for that reason, despite my never having marketed them as such. Perhaps I should.”

The Mod Commodities is currently available on ProtonMarket. In an article on CoinSlot, the artist mentioned that one of the main reasons he chose Proton was that it had the most user friendly wallet and NFT minting interface out of several blockchains he tested prior to launching the collection.

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