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PaperFace – Moment


Moment is a new track from PaperFace, a producer and masked DJ who’s been on the scene for a while. The song has an ambient and surrealistic backing, sporting a chill beat and futuristic synths. This isn’t some EDM, pulsepunding Eurobeat jam. It’s a low key, hip hop song (featuring E. Berrios.) The lyrical delivery is contemplative rather than confrontational and takes on an almost dreamlike quality. The pacing is laid back but the tone and material are engaging. Everything blends together nicely. There’s nothing abrasive about this mix at all, and the echoey reverberations bring the listener further out into the ether. Lyrically and thematically, Moment articulates the struggle and uncertainty involved with trying to “make it” and forge a better life. The song is a mental journey, and we soon recognize the artists are working out their own inner demons and seeking to motivate themselves just as much as inspire the audience.


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