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Eddie Arjun – Transition


Transition is the 5th album from critically acclaimed guitar driven power jazz rock trio “Eddie Arjun.” The album is so impressive that if I had heard it without knowing anything about it, I would have assumed it was made by classic rock legends from another era. Most contemporary musiciansmanship doesn’t even come close to this level of quality. Many years ago I used to work for a company that sold vacuum tube electronics, and I can think of a zillion customers that would have killed to achieve the kind of authentic vintage guitar amplifier tones achieved on this album. Transition gives off a very groovin’ 70’s vibe without sounding like a throwback or novelty. It only sounds retro in the sense that most people just don’t expect people to play guitar this well anymore.

My favorite song on this album has to be the title track, Transition. It’s peppy, lively and dynamic straight from the guitar intro. Some of the speedier technical guitar work about 2/3 of the way through this song is so intense that it gives me flashbacks to climactic boss battles in classic games like Double Dragon (which featured electronic music intended to emulate this style of guitar.) Another notable track is Lavalust. The bass lines in this song would not seem out of place in the archetypal abandoned warehouse rooftop chase scenes of iconic shows like The Mod Squad.

While the band is classified as “power jazz rock,” in some of these instrumental tracks there is plenty of psychedelic rock ambiance and even occasional surf-like tones. The speed of the songs also vary from heart-racing to turtle pacing. Always artful and never boring. They pack enough variety in these jams to keep the listener mesmerized all the way through. It’s actually very humbling to listen to musicians who can operate at this unreal skill level. Totally professional from beginning to end.

The album is officially scheduled for release on February 1st 2019.

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