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RED RED LIPS – My Own Thing


My Own Thing is a new single from RED RED LIPS, taken from the group’s recently released, self titled EP. It’s tough to even know where to begin, but this song delivers on multiple levels. The sass driven, “girl power” vocals are absolutely perfect, reminiscent of indie legends like Le Tigre, occasionally utilizing creative processing in the vein of bands such as Garbage. The backing music consists of assertive guitars (which totally rock,) basically a female garage band sound with extra polished production. The band isn’t relying on marketing gimmickry or smoke and mirrors. This is competent and solid rock’n’roll music, with no corners cut. As you might have guessed, My Own Thing is about “doing your own thing,” feeling empowered and taking charge of one’s own destiny. Not only is the song good quality, but it’s very catchy (particularly the Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh… part.) If this band ever sells out like Of Montreal, I could see this song in a restaurant commercial or something. My Own Thing is epic, and that’s why I’m giving it a more enthusiastic review than what I normally give on here. Be sure and check out the video also, which includes a hodpodge of aesthetics (including vaporwave) and is engaging in its own right.

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