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Remmeh – Same as Money (prod. by lifesamatrix)


Sweden based, fledgling 22 year old rapper “Remmeh” has a new jam out called Same as Money. Remmeh’s freestyle roots are apparent in his stream of consciousness connected lyrical delivery. His vocal tone is unique for a rapper, almost wavelike and calmly surreal. At times he even sacrfices word clarity in order to manipulate his voice into a kind of instrument of its own. The content of the song deals with how he is feeling when people are talking behind his back. That may sound simple enough, but Remmeh lays the story all out in a very complex and abstract way, as if one were to wake up and attempt to write down a crazy dream they just had. It’s like listening to a conversation play out among characters in someone’s head.

Refreshingly, with this song Remmeh opts for depth, substance and ambiance instead of empty flashiness. You get the sense that this guy’s music is heartfelt. Usually when I get press releases or bios from indie rappers they typically include a lot of bluster about how amazing and important and famous they are. Remmeh on the other hand merely described himself as a “struggling” young rapper. That kind of humbly genuine personality comes through in the song as well and makes for an artist you want to root for. Is this guy an amazing singer? No, but his voice is still pleasant to listen to. Same as Money also features a thematic piano backing, which blends quite well into the breezy atmosphere of the song.