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Sauveur Eloheem – 666


666 is an EP from Paris based hip hop artist, Sauveur Eloheem. True to the album’s title, the songs have a spooky and darkly ambiant synth vibe (one of the tracks is even called Halloween.) Many of the lyrics appear to be in French, but the music could be appreciated by anyone regardless of language. Eloheem’s voice is deep and his delivery is authotitative and commanding. He displays a charismatic vocal presence througout the EP. A good way to describe this album is that it’s creepy in a good way. Eloheem has put together a cohesive and avant garde release. My favorite track on 666 is Serpent à Sonnette, as the song’s hauntingly magnetic intro pulls the listener in and sets the tone for the music ahead. It’s worth noting that all of the songs on 666 have captivating intros. I recommend you check out Sauveur Eloheem’s other releases if you get the opportunity.


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