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SJ – Dance to Sleep

Copy of SJ3Edited
Photo credit by Bridgett Anderson Photography

Dance to Sleep is a genuine and captivating new song from SJ, off of his EP, Nikki. It’s a well crafted, adult contemporary acoustic rock song. The vocals are clearly what drive the track and SJ’s voice manifests as the perfect balance between working class charisma and romantic sentimentality. He is actually a very good singer and doesn’t employ any production tricks to mask deficiencies in skill (because there are none.)

Stylistically, the song gives off some light bluesy vibes while retaining a slightly upbeat and positive message. Dance to Sleep seems to slow time for us at a particular point, to give us a break to enjoy the moment. As the lyrics suggest:“For now we’ll just dance to sleep.” In the future there will be excitement and adventure and who knows what, but for now let’s just enjoy the quiet moment. Dance to Sleep is ultimately a kind of meditative lullaby for the soul. Not the kind of lullaby that will actually put you to sleep, but the sort which will lull you and your partner into a shared state of momentary reflection, giving you each the chance to appreciate what’s right in front of one another.