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Speaker Child – High on Wheels


High on Wheels is a new single from hip hop artist, Speaker Child. This song is the title track of the upcoming EP. What stands out about this particular jam is that it has a very retro 90’s hip hop vibe. The beat, the vocal effects and the delivery all seem to draw inspiration from hip hop’s golden age, and that is a very good thing. I can picture my old teenage self bumping this in a lowered 1992 Honda Civic hatchback on the way to the skatepark. The lyrics are catchy, and the repetitive chorus gets the song stuck in your head almost immediately. Speaker Child’s voice is deep and commanding while maintaining a stylish diction. The song ultimately deals with the concept of fluidity, and the importance of living a life that is always remaining in motion, never stagnant. The pacing and tone of High on Wheels reflects the content, and remains fresh througout.

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