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The Vics – Fourth and Clay

Album Art

Fourth and Clay is a new single from Pittsburgh (actually California, PA) based band, The Vics. The group already has a couple of solid albums under their belt: a self-titled full-length and an EP, Sparrow. The current single seems like it may be part of a run up to something big.

A guitar driven, indie rock jam, Fourth and Clay has elements of blues, refined to a very clear and polished sound. It has a very classy, blues club feel to it. The vocals are really excellent, far better than that of the average indie rock band. Stylistically, they give off a kind of “lounge singer” vibe. In fact, if these guys had been around in the 90’s I could have easily seen them going in a slightly different direction and maybe getting into the swing revival craze. Anyway, the musiciansmanship on Fourth and Clay is stellar: swanky guitars, subdued backing vocals and a well chosen sample. It’s hard to get much better than a combo consisting of style, technical ability and professionalism. The Vics have got it all.

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