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SEDA – Wonderchild

Album cover Wonderchild

A while back I reviewed the lead single for SEDA’s then upcoming EP, Wonderchild. Well, the anticipation is over, and now the full EP has been released. The songs often feature medium paced hypnotic and ambient background music, occasionally spiced up with samples and string synths. The sound has a minimalist vibe, basically singing over light instrumentals, though the tone and nature of the instruments displays some variation over the course of the release. Aside from the opening single, my favorite track on this album is probably Crush, a number which can best be described as what would happen if someone were to combine vaporwave with R&B / pop vocals. Another stand out song is Brave, which pleasantly surprises with bright and poppy guitars. It has a great hook and is the kind of warm and fuzzy track you’d hear during a romantic jewelry commercial.

Wonderchild shows versatility both musically and emotionally. The songs take a humble approach to the subject of love, touching on themes ranging from from initial infatuation and curiosity to regret, perseverance and admiration. SEDA’s dynamic vocals get the job done well enough, but just as importantly the listener comes away with the impression that when SEDA sings these lyrics, he actually means every word of them.

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SEDA – Deserve


Wonderchild is set to be released this month. It’s a new 7 song EP from “SEDA,” an R&B/Pop & Latin artist from The Bronx, NY. The lead single for this upcoming EP has already dropped. It’s called Deserve and is available on Spotify. If there’s one thing that’s evident from this track, it’s that SEDA can actually sing quite well. Unlike so many artists in this genre, SEDA’s voice comes through bright and clear, without assistance from a bunch of vocal processing and autotune type effects. You just can’t fake it with this style of singing. If you’ve got it, it’s apparent immediately, as it is on this recording. Musically, the song is very minimalistic and ambient. It’s SEDA’s emotive vocals amidst an echoey, dreamlike mix of piano and light synths. This isn’t a club jam. It’s more like music for a romantic, candlelit dinner, with the song invoking a soothing atmosphere. You can tell that someone put their heart into making this recording.

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Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/17q79BqC15X5PCbEuAOLx0