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Zion Antoni – Clean


Clean is a single from Zion Antoni, a fairly well known grassroots journalist / recording artist / producer from The Bronx. Zion’s sound is notable for displaying a level of authenticity that’s not typical of many of today’s hip hop artists. Refreshingly, he doesn’t go in for a lot of flashiness and posturing. Both Clean and another of his songs, Rain Soon Come, feature magnificent old school backing tracks. He foregoes gaudy materialism in favor of a more retro, avant garde aesthetic (I liked the cover art so much I included it in this review.) The songs have a very analog sound, reminiscent of the golden era of early 90s hip hop. This is of course one of the best compliments you can give to a rapper. This guy manages to capture the delicate balance between style and substance. Unlike so many others, Zion Antoni gets his point across without ever coming off like somebody who is trying too hard.


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