glowcean – Clap With Me (Remix)


South Korean producer “glowcean” has teamed up with Music Dribble Entertainment, Mostacho Xprmnt and Cikadda for Clap With Me (a remix.) This song’s amazing. I haven’t heard anything quite like it from the EDM world. It’s a mellow blend of electronic music and neo-soul ambiance. The track reminds me of a futuristic version of those old-school noise collage tapes. The vibe is quietly ethereal with a hint of 1970s. If you took a Steely Dan record and put it through a giant EDM filter machine, I’m pretty sure something like this would come out. As I was listening to this track to review it, my girlfriend came in the room and was like “What is that song? I really like it,” something that almost never happens. This is a good song and a creatively satisfying remix. Check it out below.

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