Word Watching


Checked out a new single from a passionate young rapper from Fort Lauderdale, “Absoloot.”This latest jam is titled “Watch Your Words.” His “speed alternating” delivery style clearly reminds me of mid 90’s Bone Thugs, though not quite as fast(does anyone rap that fast?) Absoloot’s actual voice has a jovial clarity, which gives it a bit of an old school, 80’s MC quality(some of his other songs have more an R&B feel to them.) He uses some interesting layering  and echo effects with the vocals, which seem to give his verses a unique sound. The chorus, “Be careful who you serve…Watch your words” feels like it gets repeated in the song about 50 times. I listened to this song only 2 or 3 times, and that phrase was stuck in my head for days.  If there is a recurring theme in his songs, it’s that Absoloot is a fairly suspicious fellow, along with being a dreamer. He tends to promote progress and cautions against banksters as well as generalized greed(he actually has songs which are titled “banksters” and “greed.”) “Watch Your Words,” with it’s crisp piano backing, is clearly the best musically and the catchiest of his songs. I recommend you give this a listen. Regardless of the situation, watching one’s words is nearly always good advice.