Phillip Broussard – Just Wanna Believe

Phillip Broussard

Veteran Seattle musician Phillip Broussard has released a new single titled “Just Wanna Believe.” Normally when we refer to someone as a “veteran musician” we just mean they have some experience under their belt and have been playing the circuit for a while. This is true in Broussard’s case, but he’s also an actual military veteran, having served in both Operation Enduring Freedomand Operation Iraqi Freedom as a member of the US Navy.

For simply being guitar and vocals, “Just Wanna Believe” is a remarkably full sounding song. Broussard’s guitar playing is crisp and precise. His technique lends itself to a percussive sound, almost managing to get a “two for one instrument” sound out of the guitar. His vocals are soft spoken and authentic. He has a good natural singing voice and his attitude is unassuming. He never comes off as trying too hard. “Just Wanna Believe” is a quality song from an artist who deserves more recognition.