Teddy Hayes – Love Come Rainin Down


Artist Teddy Hayes’new track “Love Come Rainin Down,” (from the CD “The Professor of Love SongOlogy) is an excellent example of what a talented, seasoned vocalist can achieve musically if they keep it real and don’t ruin their sound with gimmicks and effects processing. Hayes combines soul, jazz and rap in a way they comes off as natural and authentic. What particularly stands out is the way he delivers his performance so confidently. He sings as though it is second nature to him. It’s easy to not notice that he’s rapping in some parts of the song, because his delivery is more melodic than what we’ve come to expect with much of modern hip hop music. Teddy Hayes is one of those musicians that could probably manage give a great live performance without any instruments at all. He’s “got what you need, and he’s got it by the pound.”