Ben Rebel – Betta Dayz


Ben Rebel already made a splash on the scene when he was younger as a member of the 90’s group, “Lost Children.” I’m told that some of the original members may be reuniting for an upcoming release this November. Betta Dayz marks the first official solo effort for Ben and is being released on Diac Immortal Records. I’ve reviewed artists from this label before, and it suffices to say that this outfit is quickly assembling quite a nice little catalog.

Betta Dayz is categorized as “deep house.” It’s fast paced dance music all right, but rather than coming across aggressive or overly testosterone fueled, this strikes me as cool, laid back and contemplative. This is dance music for intellectuals. The opening track is hypnotic and could probably put the listener in a trance if one allowed him/herself to be totally focused on listening to the music. Lyrics are few and far between as Ben wisely doesn’t make these songs all about him, opting instead to let the music do the talking (and it represents him just fine.) Sporadically some vocals can be heard faintly in the mix, but these merely accentuate and help frame the song’s messaging. The song makes several transitions, continuing to incorporate new musical elements and revitalize itself.

The second track, ReleaseTHAPRESSURE continues in much the same vein. It’s mellow and casually futuristic, but the song retains enough dynamic components and surprises to keep people moving and shaking on the dance floor. Instead of merely building toward a climactic point near the ending of the song, what each of these tracks do is kind of ease in and out of different sound segments, zig-zagging from one groovy hook to the next and back again like a game of Brickout.

I’ve never met Ben Rebel or seen any videos of him, but one gets the sense this guy has to be one of the most chilled out dudes on the planet. These songs are smooooth. No abrasiveness, no attitude…just like the title of the song, this guy has found a way to release the pressure. Production wise, everything here is pretty solid. Everything is where it needs to be in the mix, and effects and EQ are used sparingly and effectively.

If you’re looking to get a hold of these jams, they’re not available quite yet. This EP is scheduled for release on 10/26/18, so you’ll have to wait until then to snag a copy, but it will be worth it.

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