Black Hebrew – Jenn

Black Hebrew- JENN.001

Jenn is a new R&B single performed by Black Hebrew. The song was written and produced by Gino, whom was inspired by meeting a woman at his workplace. This track expresses a deep and relentless admiration for a particular female. Brimming with positivity, the song presents a musical and lyrical showering of affection, amounting to an enthusiastic celebration of nearly everything about this girl. Even the synth driven backbeat is bright and uplifting. It’s fitting that I’m writing about this song on Valentine’s Day, since the messaging contains what nearly every woman would probably say they want to hear from a guy they’re interested in. Office romance can be tricky and awkward though, especially if it doesn’t pan out. The beauty of this song though is that it will resonate with all kinds of women, especially those that may feel like they could use an admirer of their own.

Vocalist “Black Hebrew” has a lively delivery, great timing and flow. He sings with confidence while retaining sensitivity in his voice, which makes for just the right combo for this song. The pacing is fairly quick for a romantic R&B song, elevating the intensity of the moment as the artist pours his heart out and lays his cards on the table. It’s nice to see a song which has actual depth, meaning and genuine passion behind it.

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