Katrel Kelly – Night Before the Dawn 2.0


Night Before the Dawn 2.0 is an album from Katrel Kelly, released on GalacticOnes label. With 13 fun filled and action packed tracks, the album offers a full listening experience. Katrel’s (also known as “Trel Mack”) delivery style is slow-mid paced and charisma driven, reminiscent of many popular 90s hip hop icons. He has a knack for coming up with catchy and sometimes amusing lyrics, making his songs memorable, even while he makes it clear he’s all about handlin biz. Warren Buffett and I Hate These Rappers are tracks which include some of the more choice lines. The songs on this album are more musical and melodic than the average hip hop song. Each track has a uniquely complex musical backing. There’s no padding and cutting corners here. Musically my favorite song on this album is Make You Love Me, which features some absolutely killer female backing vocals. When this jam kicks into high gear is when I made up my mind that this album has “the good stuff.”

Most of the tracks on Night Before the Dawn 2.0 are pretty solid, carried by Katrel’s personality and skills as a poet / entertainer. Wisely, nothing is neglected on the musical or production side. The complex musical elements enhance this release significantly, elevating it to the upper echelons of indie hip hop.

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