Django Riders – Friction EP


Friction is the debut EP from Django Riders, a soul/funk band from Portland, TN. They managed to pack a lot of vitality in this 4 song release. The guitars stand out here as especially phenomenal. I’m not sure what kind of gear setup these guys work with, but they really do capture that authentic vintage tone. Some musicians will spend thousands of dollars experimenting with vacuum tubes and never come close to achieving this kind of tone. The guitar performance on these jams is dynamic and elaborately groovin. It’s funky rock’n’roll with a little bit of swinging country flavor.

Each track is lively as all get out from start to finish. I would have never guessed that the EP was recorded in three different studios over a year period, since everything sounds cohesive, and the songs all vibe as if they’re part of the same set. The vocals are a thrill a minute. The singer does more than just croon. He puts on a wild show with his voice, and you can just tell this dude loves to perform. This style of music is hard to sing well given the exotic voice changes and delivery dynamics necessary, so I have to give props to the lead and backup vocalists for pulling it off. My favorite song on this EP is probably Musky Funk, which has a sweet 70’s style intro, a catchy chorus and memorably quirky lyrics. Don’t be fooled by the fact this is their debut EP. These guys are all pro musicians, and this release punches well above its weight.

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