Rhett Repko – Songs of the Night


Songs of the Night is a new EP from Rhett Repko. Rhett’s appreciation for the authenticity of classic rock manifests itself in these songs, which favor precision craftmanship and genuine emotion over the plasticity of excess in contemporary pop production. That being said, this EP is very well produced, as good as any label quality recodng, while retaining its organic sound. Tracks like A Broken Song exemplify the album’s intimate feel, with minimalist guitars and heartfelt vocals giving the listener the sense of listening to a dedicated performance in ones living room. Other jams like Out of My Head feature a heavier, rockin ambiance with stylish arrangements and powerful melodic choruses. The vocals are pretty impressive. Rhett can hit some high notes, and his voice is really pleasant to listen to tonewise. I’ve reviewed releases by Rhett Repko a couple years ago and definitely saw a lot of potential. It’s good to see Rhett and the band continuing to progress and make a name for themselves.

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