Kætäwi & Jamit – Holy Prophet Elijah


Holy Prophet Elijah is another fun filled, action packed electronic track from Jamit, this time a collaborative effort with fellow artist Kætäwi. The jam is a groovin’ retro-futuristic dance track with synths stylistically reminiscent of those of the fictitious group “Andromeda” from the television show, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. One definitely gets some post-disco vibes from this track. It’s positively galactic. The subject matter is the prophet Elijah, and the listener is left with intrigue as to the significance, whether a religious statement is being made or whether the usage is more abstract, conveying a manner of the song’s spirit and vitality. One thing is certain, this jam is poppin’ and makes me want to install a light-up dance floor in my living room.

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