The Driver Music – Sound Paintings


Sound Paintings is a new album from The Driver Music (the name used for the musical project of Mr. Douglas, an Oakland / San Francisco Bay Area based producer and DJ.) The collage-like dance tracks have a groovin’ bohemian vibe, with stylish, laid back mixes offering a soulfully haunting evening aesthetic. One interesting component of this album is that it incorporates short and punchy backing vocalizations / synthesized sounds into many of the songs to enhance the timing rhythm effect. The track All I Need is a great example of this.

The Driver Music blends elements of hip hop, house, funk, and even hippie psychedelia to create interesting eclectic genre conglomerations, even within individual songs. In that sense, Sound Paintings really is an apt title for this release, as the artist paints a cohesive, mixed media musical picture, combining all the compatibible pieces at his disposal, including his performing self. My favorite tracks on this album are Blue 7 (a vocal masterpiece) and especially Real Like, which has a delightfully eerie backing and a retro 90’s hip hop feel.

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