The Adjustment Bureau – Sick4U


Sick4U is a new album from “The Adjustment Bureau.” Set for limited advance release on March 29th by Diac Immortal Records (on Traxsource, Beatport and Spotify,) it includes four funky, futurist mixes from artists Ben Rebel, QdEarl, and Man From Object: R525L. Femi.x makes an appearance as well. The mixes are darkly ambient, taking the listener on a hypnotic musical journey. The recurring motif is the sample “I was sick for you,” which contributes to the overall feeling of a surreal, underworld atmosphere. Space Invader Mix is probably the most futuristic of the bunch, with its punchy, polyphonic synth styled backing. The house beats in general are refreshingly minimalist, taking on an almost tribal characteristic when they’re on their own.

Production on this release is impressive. Everything is just so polished and well done, professionalism without excess. What I really like about this album though is how it manages to be thought provoking (not an easy task for dance tracks with few words.) Seriously though, listening to these songs I felt like I was meditating. They’re just very contemplative. I recommend you check this release out when it becomes available next week.

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