Dar.Ra – Diamonds N The Shadows


Diamonds N The Shadows, a new single from Dar.Ra, is really something. It represents a kind of avant garde fusion between 80’s and early 90s rock with electronic music and contemporary cultural relevance. The song offers a subtle commentary on the suburban “rat race” humans live out, reminiscent of Calhoun’s famous mice experiments. We are all bascially studied as manipulated market research subjects. The music itself is awesome and badass. Really authentic electronic rock that wouldn’t seem out of place on The Lost Boys soundtrack. As a bonus, this jam also comes in a variety of mixes (future retro, acid head, and full cut.) Each of these mixes are sufficiently unique and dynamic to make you question whether you’re even listening to the same song.

The videos for these variants (yes, there are separate re-edited vids for each) are creative, rad and memorable. Aside from being a great way to avoid a photo radar ticket, driving around in those animal masks must have made these vids fun to shoot. They are definitely a cut above what I’ve come to expect from “indie” productions. Aesthetically and musically, Diamonds N The Shadows seems like a throwback to another time, yet still manages to be as relevant as ever.

For more info:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dar.Ra7/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyT6Mj5IbEt68McjEnWMsTA