Jonah Kue – Midnight Oil


Midnight Oil is a new full length album from artist Jonah Kue. With its ethereal and ambient backing, I would describe the musical style here as “dreampop.” Occasionally there are some elements of hip hop and light rapping. Jonah’s voice is soothing in tone but energetic enough so that it won’t put you to sleep. The hip hop interludes are well placed and neatly intertwine with the rest of the music adding another dimenstion to the songs at just the right time and transitioning out smoothly.

In fact, the word “smooth” is a great way to describe this album from start to finish. Everything flows cleanly througout, with Jonah’s laid back, contemplative lyrical delivery providing a poignant and enjoyable listening experience. The Dance Floor in particular is a track which has an excellent beat. It’s like elevator music you can dance to. Jonah is a pretty talented singer, and this is one of those genres where you definitely can’t fake that sort of thing. The song Brendan is the catchiest and from a marketing perspective probably has the most pop appeal. It just packs a little more punch and grabs you more than some of the other songs.

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