The Don Kap – Cannot Listen (Fake Friend Diss)


Cannot Listen is a new single from rapper/filmmaker The Don Kap. Though it is done in the style of a “diss track,” the song fuctions as a more general diss toward fake friends rather than targeting a fellow rapper or specific person. It was however, inspired by The Don Kap’s ending of a 25-year friendship with someone he finally determined to be a fake friend.

Cannot Listen is very direct and straightforward. The Don Kap lays it all out there in a simple equation “No love = insecurity = jealousy = fake.” When I saw the title “Cannot Listen” I assumed it would be in reference to a friend who was unwilling to listen. In actuality, The Don Kap uses it to refer to himself. He “cannot listen to you” because he “ain’t got time for fakes.” He recognizes that false friends are time wasters. Even genuine friendships can be taxing and time consuming enough, but when you discover the friendship was nothing but a house of cards, you start thinking about all the time you’ve lost that you will never get back. This kind of refreshing lyrical clarity pervades thoughout the song.

The Don Kap’s delivery skills are decent, and his voice has a commanding presence, holding its own during the parts of the song where backing music is minimal. He also has a laid back charisma about him without displaying a lot of flash or excess. Cannot Listen is actually quite catchy and continues to grow on you after a few listens. The accompanying music video for this song is well produced and features some terrific shots of the city of Tel Aviv.

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