Stephon Foster – Stay In My Dreams


Stay In My Dreams is the third single from Stephon Foster’s highly anticipated comeback album (which has been discussed here in previous reviews.) This endearing track is bubble gum sweet and projects feel good vibes throughout. The surreal, dreampop backing music sends the listener straight to candyland. Stay In My Dreams is notably of a lighter nature than some of Stephon’s songs. It retains all of the emotional authenticity, but overall seems a bit softer and more playful in tone than other jams from this artist.

The track is also a duet, featuring prolific hip hop artist “Steady Creating.” Steady’s casual delivery style and sincere, upbeat voice adds a balancing dimension to the song. On the parts where both artists sing simultaneously, their voices contrast well together. The addition of Steady’s performance enhances the song’s narrative, painting a clearer picture for the audience.


While Stay In My Dreams is fun and danceable, the song has more going for it than just the cuteness factor. Like Stephon’s other releases, the lyrics here are heartfelt and passionately delivered. The impressively interwoven layers of musical complexity also make this track particularly satisfying. It just feels very complete and is evidence of Stephon’s continued advancement as an artist and songwriter. Realism and authenticity aren’t qualities we normally associate with pop music, but Stephon is willing to really lay it all out there emotionally in a gentle wave of geunine expression. Despite the song title containing the word “dreams,” nothing about this song is contrived. The lyrics are personal. The energy is real. Stephon Foster’s “comeback album” seems to be coming along nicely.

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