Christa Deánā


The songs on Christian singer/songwriter Christa Deánā’s new self titled album focus on her religious journey and convey a total dedication to her faith. The Philadelphis based artist originally sought out music as a means of coping with depression and bullying. The opening track, My Story is just what the title advertises. In a spoken word, piano driven monologue, Christa tells her story, honestly and powerfully. She just lays it all out there for the listener, providing valuable context for the rest of the music which follows. The songs on this album though reflect an overwhelmingly positive attitude, consisting mostly of hope and optimism. The mood of the album is very bright and almost beaming (there is even a song titled Shine.)

It’s easy to get lost in the message and meaning of these personal songs, but it must be said that Christa is an amazing singer. Her voice is absolutely terrific. I think what makes it extra special when you hear her sing, is that you realize that if she wanted to, Christa’s talented enough to be a big name pop star, but rather than sing superficial pop songs, she chooses to sing about her faith and use her music to bring hope to others.

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