Pretti Boi & Cashman The Babysitter – Comin Acha Hot Vol. 2


Comin Acha Hot Vol. 2 is a new release from hip hop artists, Pretti Boi & Cashman The Babysitter. It features an epic 23 minutes of full filled rap jams brimming with ironic humor. The darkly ambiant backing beat provides a serious backdrop for the songs. If you were listening to this without paying attention to the lyrics, it would sould like any standard “hard” hip hop music. However, with lyrical gems I’m in the ocean. I’m in your face! If you have a boat, then let’s have a race! you recognize that these songs are in the same spirit as those of similar outfits like Grand Buffet. Whether or not this music works or not is entirely dependent upon the if the artists are clever or not. Luckily, in the case of Pretti Boi & Cashman The Babysitter, they are. Even some of the song titles will you pull you in. When you seek a track named Wait Til’ She Get A Fupa, how could you not immediately skip to it?


All humor aside, when it comes to the musical side, these dudes aren’t fooling around. They can actually rap. They both have a solid delivery and project their voices well. Production on the album is also surprisingly good for such a limited release. I’d recommend people check out Comin Acha Hot Vol. 2. The whole thing is available on youtube for free. Get it now before they jack up the price due to insane demand.

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