Stunna Quad – The Mexican Plug Mixtape


The Mexican Plug is a new mixtape from Pittburgh based rapper “Stunna Quad.” Stunna classifies his sound as “flava music,” and that is actually a pretty apt description, both literally and figuratively. The first track on the album is titled Nachos and includes lyrics like “We make a lotta nachos.” So yeah, some of these jams are ineed flavorful. Most of Stunna’s songs on here are impressively catchy. He utilizes a lot of repetition in his creative delivery and incoporates a lot of interesting vocalizations in addition to just spouting words. His voices functions like an instrument in its own right. Blue Snow is probably the second cathiest song on here after Nachos, and in my opinion Ignition is the track with the grooviest backbeat. Overall, this mixtape showcases Stunna Quad’s lively and vivacious personality. His performance exudes an upbeat confidence while maintaing a chill vibe.

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