TonAsh – In A Jam


In A Jam is a new single by TonAsh, a hip hop artist from The Bahamas. The song actually is available in two different versions, a “clean” version and another which features uncensored lyrics. It’s actually kind of a romantic track. The title, In A Jam refers to the feeling of being all wrapped up emotionally in one’s love for a girl. Intense feelings for someone can cause a person to lose control and put their life responsibilities on hold. In the song, our protagonist vows he will “get his shit together” but that it will have to wait until tomorrow.

In A Jam features a colorful, EDM style beat. TonAsh’s delivery is laid back and sincere. His dynamic pitch fluctuations mirror the backing music and are a good fit for the emotional roller coaster associated with the song’s content. The whole thing has a very bright and upbeat feel, and TonAsh’s confidence and willingness to show a vulnerable side is refreshing. Both musically and metaphorically, In a Jam is the good kind of jam.

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