Nuell Martin – Operation Bifrost

Operation Bifrost Big

Operation Bifrost is a new EP from Nuell Martin, a conceptual music artist. The electronic compositions on this album are ambient, enigmatic and very avant garde. The music has a very science fiction soundtrack feel to it. Stylewise, I would describe it as “refined retro-futuristic.” The songs contains elements of early 80s electro but without any of the cheesiness. These tracks are more artful and meditative. If listened to chronologically, the songs form a kind of narrative, like a short film. The Gift for example is brimming with intensity and represents climactic action in the “story.” Stealing the Secret operates as an attention grabbing opening, while the mellow Monegros eases us in with intrigue and sets the stage for the rising action. The final track Betrayed features a dark and bleak intro, which transitions into an ethereal finale, the ending open to interpretation. The album is very engaging, and I would recommend it for meditation, especially for those that want to traverse to the darker, more brooding corners of their mind.

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