Untitled Art – W.A.M Part 1


“Untitled Art,” the musical project of musician/athlete David Sempier has been around for decades. A previous release was in fact featured in this magazine a couple of years ago. I love it when people stick with things for many years and continue to crank out new and exciting artistic content into the void.

W.A.M Part 1 is the most recent release from Untitled Art. Suffice to day that this jam evades easy classifcation. It’s fast-paced retrofuturistic electronic rock with some 80s vibes but without any of the cheesy pop elements. A good way to describe the sound is that it combines 80s electropunk backing music with late 90’s, angsty indie rock vocals. The result is something powerful. This song really gets the adrenaline going. Musically, it’s very dynamic and juggles a lot of complex changes in pacing and tone throughout. It’s very quick witted and unpredictable in that respect. From a technical standpoint, everything is very precise and you can tell you’re dealing with a seasoned musician who really knows what he’s doing, even if this is sort of recording is inherently “experimental” in nature.

The video (which also includes Part 2) is an aesthetic wonder. The animation is badass. If you want to get an idea of what I mean, just picture what it would be like if you watched the original Tron after drinking a cup of coffee that was laced with an unknown substance. Or you could just watch and listen for yourself. W.A.M Part 1 is high energy, melodic and slightly sinister.

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