Wlav – Shatter


Shatter is a new single from a DIY electronic producer, vocalist and artist known as Wlav (real name Ryan Allen.) He has a number of releases under his belt and experienced an early surge in popularity on Tumblr a few years ago. I would characterize Shatter an experimental piece of electronic music. It’s filled with dark, slightly spooky and unpredictable turns. The moderate pacing and synth driven ambience make for a retrofuturistic dreamscape. With it’s haunting and mechanical noise choices, Shatter would fit rather well as dance club scene music on the soundtrack of just about any early 90’s SciFi film. The title of the track, Shatter is a clue to the essence of the song itself, as it functions as a cohesive collection of somewhat scattered sounds, like a collage. Anyway, this track is interesting and should appeal to anyone who appreciate’s meditative, avant garde electronic music.

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