MASS – Marta

marta byron jones

Marta is a new single from native Virginian hip hop artist, MASS. It’s part of his freshly released project, Phase 1. Marta opens with an eerie musical backing, which sets us up to experience the tenebrous ambiance of the track. The song is surprisingly catchy, frequently repeating “Marta” and rhyming is with “harda” in a way that really sticks in the listener’s brain. When he says “I move like Marta,” it makes me wonder if the song is actually referencing the Atlanta bus and rail system, “MARTA.” The lyrics are also interesting in that they interweave high stakes action with everyday activities like “online shopping” and “calling an Uber.” The rapping here is engaging and the lyrical narrative is genuinely interesting to follow. The delivery style is chill and laid back, balanced with it’s casually serious undertones relating to the daily grind of life in the city.

Check out the new music video for “Marta”. It has a gritty, old school vibe that takes you back to the ‘90’s. It’s fun and uncompromising at the same time.

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