David Lyric – View of the City

david lyric

View of the City is a jam from well known Atlanta based hip hop artist, David Lyric. The song has already amassed over 55,000 streams on Soundcloud (one of David’s other tracks Meantime has passed the one millon mark.) Lyric’s delivery style is casual, light paced and easy going, while retaining an emotional intensity that allows you to understand he’s a man with conviction, serious about what he says. View of the City has a crisp, piano driven back beat, with occasional synth ambiance to coincides with the song’s metropolitan nightlife vibes. In this song, he lays it all on the line and makes an offer to give the subject he’s communicating with, just what the title suggests, “a view of the city.” The suggestion here is essentially that if you’re with him, you can have it all. As someone who’s been around the block and knows all the secrets, hotspots and shortcuts, he’s willing to put himself out there if you agree to join him as a partner in crime. It’s a romantic track of course but can also be read as a metaphor: for if the listener rides with him on this musical journey, the music can make them experience something emotionally overwhelming and really take them somewhere. The chorus is catchy, and ultimately this song has a lot of pop crossover appeal. View of the City’s optimistic and uplifting tone the potential to resonate with a wide audience.

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