The Return of Janco


After a long hiatus, the humble yet iconic Norwegian musician “Janco” is ripe for a mini comeback. He has been involved in a wide variety of musical endeavors over the years. Janco also released an indie classic album called Pumpingstein(featuring Rob Alien & Torine Brunton) back in 1999/2000. This album is really a gem. The music was way ahead of its time. With elements of EDM, Industrial, rock and darkwave, it has a very Euro-futuristic sound. It’s quite appropriate for both the dreary post apocalyptic vision people had for y2K (as depicted in films like Strange Days) as well as the actual social dystopia we live in now. The Skybreaker for example is a powerfully emotive jam with slightly spooky accents around the edges. It has a very full and passionate sound. The deep guitars really enhance the electronic backing music, giving the sound some added weight and emphasizing the emotional gravity of the lyrics. Janco doesn’t consider himself a terrific singer, but he sings with heart on these recordings and the vocals here are well above average and certainly get the job done.

Janco also offers a service which provides musical backing tracks for songwriters who may have a limited budget, may not play an instrument or simply want to focus mainly on the lyrical or melody aspect of their song. The advantage of using Janco’s service over other “royalty free” music libraries is that you can add your own content to the song and then release the finished song as your own. These guys are clearly prolific musicians so I would imagine the songs in the library are comprehensive and top of the line.

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