Neon Radiation – Intoxicated

intoxicated new

Intoxicated is a new single from Neon Radiation (the musical project of London Based artist/producer/songwriter Gary Blake.) The track utilizes ambient synths with a subtly dark sound, fronted by soft yet charismatic female vocals. Intoxicated has the feel of a contemplative, late night drive through a city’s downtown and gives ‘after hours night club’ styled atmospheric vibes. In fact, “atmospheric” is a great way to describe this music. The synth pacing is slow but very full and energizing. The vocals are very hypnotic in that “indie pop” avant garde kind of way. The singer has a beautiful natural voice and the production here does it justice by not ruining it with effects and unnecessary processing. The reverb/delay effects which do exist actually enhance the sound and intertwine it nicely with the synths. All in all, this song is a solid entry and is probably only limited by the challenges of getting people to actually listen to new music when there’s so much out there. The song is slated for official release on Jun 21, 2019.

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