Dont Die Lei – Vibe Children, Vol 1


Vibe Children, Vol 1 is a new album from Dont Die Lei, a hip hop artist in Richmond, VA. Most of songs have a wonderfully dramatic, orchestral musical backing to accompany the beat, creating a sound that’s reminiscent of the soundtracks of mystical fantasy films. Only difference is we have the artist charismatically delivering rhymes on top of it. He seems to have a natural voice for hip hop monologues. His vocals are deep and commanding without being overbearing or monotonous. In fact, this guy could probably create a spoken word poetry or self help cassette album, and it would still be enjoyable to listen to.

The music here gives the songs an added meditative quality, and enhances the emotional aspect of some of the more socially conscious, “motivational” elements of the album. While some tracks are orchestral and “epic” in nature, others like End of the Day have more of a quietly groovy, soulful vibe. The collection of supporting vocals (male and female) give the songs a rhythmic, conversational feel and just blend very nicely. Production is professional studio quality while retaining vocal clarity and authenticity. Really this is a very fine album without a lot of frills and attitude. It will both relax and energize you at the same time.