Water On Mars – Monster


Monster is a new song/video from Annapolis based band, “Water on Mars.” This track maintains a clean and polished sound for the duration. The production has almost a 90s quality to it, in that the music is high quality but not loaded to the brim with unnecessary effects and processing. Tonally, it’s a also a bit on the darker side, reminiscent of bands like “Garbage,” something which is accentuated with the female, avant garde vocals. The sound just has that special mix of alternative and rock, with maybe a bit of post-punk. The guitars are too crisp and meticulously performed to be classified as full on neo-grunge. There are however, some ambient interludes throughout the song that give off psychedelic, space age vibes.

Really this song is largely driven by the technically proficient yet radical guitars as well as the excellent and passionate vocals. Both exert a powerful musical presence, which give the song its energizing, adrenaline inducing vitality. This song will give you a bit of a rush. “Water on Mars” as a band definitely has a lot going for them talent wise. If we still lived in a just world, songs like this one would be on the radio, but at least you can still listen to these jams if you take the time to find them.

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