Matthew Browning – Underneath the Willow Tree

matthew browning music video cover

Underneath the Willow Tree is a music video from indie musician, Matthew Browning. I must say that judging by the production quality and cinematography here, they really pulled out all the stops for this one. This video is of major label quality and looks just as good as some vids I’ve seen which have cost over a million dollars.

Timewise, Underneath the Willow Tree clocks in at nearly 8 minutes, qualifying this as practically a featurette film. What really makes the video is the setting. It was shot in the “Jean Roach Dry Lake Beds” near Las Vegas, NV. With the desert wind, wide open space, and mountains in the distance, the scenery is simply epic. This backdrop matches well with the music, which is a well performed blend of post-progressive rock and ethereal soundtrack ambiance. You really can’t ask for much more than this. Powerful and maxed out on every level.

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