Tripple D – Dark Mode 2: Suffocate


Dark Mode 2: Suffocate is an album from hip hop artist “Tripple D” from Norway. Tripple D got into making music at the age of 10 and became prominent locally around the time he turned 15 years old. The album is massive, containing nearly 20 full tracks. The beats feature a lot of killer synth variations, though some incorporate a piano sound. The songs are very well produced, professional studio quality. While the backing beats are generally mellow and chill, the lyrics are often explicit and of the aggressive variety (as the title suggests.) Tripple D maintains his intensity throughout and has a charismatic vocal presence, but the awesome music and blended guest vocals help soften things up a bit to make these songs accessible as party jams as well.
My favorite track on the album is Atmosphere (Bloodline.) It opens with an intriguing sample and is brimming with dark and melodic ambiance throughout. Musically it’s just beautiful. As a whole this album contains a lot of variety and is rich with content. It is simply an epic endeavor. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

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